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Weddings in India are celebrated as an expression of the love and unity of two families. It’s a beautiful occasion of the amalgamation of two souls into one. Every Indian girl dream of having a fairytale wedding, and their look plays a major role in bringing their dream come to life.

An Indian bridal look is incomplete without jewellery, and it also holds sentimental value. To make a bride look enticing and charismatic, we have listed below some ornaments that are must-have pieces, and they are easily available at the best jewellery shop in Roorkee.

1- A pair of Earrings

Earrings can instantly elevate the look of any bride. A pair of earrings is an essential part of a jewellery set and adds instant sparkle to a bride. Depending upon the vibe of the overall look of a bride, she can pick from a wide variety of designs such as diamond danglers, traditional jhumkas, chandelier earrings ad so on.

2- Maang Tikka

Maang tikkas are exceptionally the most beautiful ornaments worn on the head by parting hair, and it is fixed on the hair by a hook at the end. This piece of jewellery embodies true elegance that we would suggest every bride have in her collection. You can find the latest maang tikka designs at the best jewellery shop in Roorkee.

3- Necklace

The main point of attraction of a bridal jewellery set is the necklace. A necklace that compliments the bride’s attire can make her whole look surreal. Various types of necklaces are available in the market, such as chokers, raani haar, navratan haar and so on.

4- Nose ring or Nath

Nose piercings are common in Indian culture which gives a bride another opportunity to accessorize. A gold Nath or nose ring studded with diamonds is the best facial ornament a bride can pair with her wedding loo. So, according to us, it is a must-have piece.

5- Rings

Can women actually live without rings?

No way!

We know the love Indian women have for rings. Rings come in various metals such as gold, silver, platinum etc., studded with diamonds or other gemstones. Along with the engagement ring, add some cocktail or antique gold rings that compliments your outfit.

6- Anklet

Last but not least, the Anklet or commonly known as Payal is an ornament that Indian women wear on daily basis. These are exquisite jewellery pieces that are chain-like and worn on the ankles. The sweet chimes of the Payal enhance the divine feminine vibe of a bride.

These are the ornaments that we think every bride must have to catch all the eyes on her wedding day. She should be the centre of attraction; she should get the spotlight. So, if you are going to marry soon, visit DD Jewellers, the best jewellery showroom in Roorkee and shop for the trendiest jewellery designs.

We promise you to provide the most magical bridal jewellery set.

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