Significance of  Wearing a Necklace

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Like other pieces of jewelry, the necklace has also been an important site of decoration for the body but also of communication for the person. A necklace is a signified material culture, as it communicates wealth, affiliation, power, prestige, skills, and elements of identity and position. The durability of necklaces made of glass beads, metals, or gemstones provides an opportunity to appreciate and understand the artistry, cultural practices, and aesthetics of different cultures and distant time periods. Every woman’s jewelry collection feels incomplete without a necklace but as the best jewelry store in Roorkee, DD Jewellers fills that gap for you.

Necklaces are made to display propitious decorative and eloquent features through each period and from region to region. From the ancient ages, women have been wearing necklaces to ward off evil and for good luck. During the Middle Ages, jewelry became an integral element of dressing, and necklaces replaced brooches as the primary form of jewelry. Heavy gold chain necklaces with pendants and necklaces set with gemstones were in style as a distinction of wealth and social status. Necklaces are styled to follow fashion and popular culture trends, but also to meet various needs for women’s dress on occasion.

Today, necklaces have transcended their original and traditional use around the world and are worn by both genders. In many cultures, the necklace has outweighed other forms of jewelry as the most important piece for decoration and communication in expressing identity or position. Worn by both men and women at different ceremonial functions, necklaces play a significant role in displaying family wealth and prestige. One can always find the latest fashionable necklace designs at the best jewelry store in Roorkee at affordable prices.

To many people, necklaces carry protective, devotional, and religious meanings. Some people believe that wearing a necklace around the heart gives them strength and control over their emotions. While other believe that wearing a necklace of stones bind them with cosmic energy that keeps them away from the eye of evil.

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